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Speaker Opportunity for a P.E. Panel Presentation at Grove School of Engineering - City College (CUNY)

September 18, 2019 3:01 PM | Dimitrios Savva

On the behalf of Rudi Sherbansky, PE and the NYS Society of Professional Engineers, you are invited to participate on a panel presentation of PEs and to introduce your firm and work accomplishments in 15-20 minutes to a group of engineering students who would greatly benefit from your expertise and are looking to understand the conduct that is expected of them during their first year of work in an engineering firm.  The panel of professional engineers will meet several times a year, including on September 19, October 17, November 14 and December 12, 2019 and your invited to attend on at least one of these presentations.

The topics of discussion are general and are based on your years of experience in the field of engineering.  The scope of topics is basic such as, a short description of the engineering firm you work for (or worked for in the past), type of engineering products or services provided, typical clients, and notable projects that you and the company participated in.  The panel will be asked questions like, a short description or examples of what a first year intern engineer is expected to do or accomplish at your engineering firm in the first year of work.  Type of activities, meetings, site visits, reporting, etc.

To join the PE panel please click on the link below and fill in your contact information and the dates that you will be available to make your presentation.  The current dates of the presentation are on September 19, October 17, November 14 and December 12, 2019.  

We thank you for your support and participation.


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