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Officer Roles

Last revised: September 6, 2019

All officers are required to be members of SFPE International.

President – 1 year term

To organize the chapter and run meetings.

  • Run July and December Board Meetings.
  • Acquire speakers for meetings.
  • Oversee roles of other officers including any special task force teams devoted to specific projects ensuring completion of tasks on time and in alignment with Chapter goals and values.
  • Oversee the review and update of the chapter constitution & bylaws annually.
  • Coordinate applications for honors with Immediate Past President.
  • Coordinate Bi-Annual Technical Seminar and recommend presentation topics or presenters for non-seminar years.

Vice President – 1 year term

To support the President and assist with membership.

  • Review Wild Apricot member database monthly to individually follow up with past due members.
  • Assist in growing the chapter membership.
  • Bring the meeting materials (banner, speaker gifts, nametags, projector, etc.)
  • Social events – planning.
  • File for PIE recognition of speaker programs 30-60 days in advance of the presentation to allow ample time for the organization to certify the presentation.
  • Post presentations from monthly speakers to the members only section of Wild Apricot as allowed by the speaker within a week of the completed presentation.
  • Provide sign-in form for PIE credit.
  • Fill in should the Secretary be absent.
  • On an annual basis, should submit to SFPE International a list of the past year’s chapter meeting speakers to add to the SFPE speaker’s bureau list maintained by HQ.

Treasurer – 1 year term

To oversee the finances of the chapter.

  • Pay all necessary bills.
  • Balance the account.
  • Collect member and guest fees paid by check.
  • Report to the Chapter financial standings at business meetings.
  • Order breakfast for monthly meeting and reach out to sponsors to secure funding.
  • File tax forms for the Chapter.
  • For USA-based chapters, file Form 990 or Form 990EZ, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, as required with the Internal Revenue Service.  Additionally, depending on the level of finances and income for the chapter, the chapter may be required to file a tax return with the Internal Revenue Service (USA based chapters only).

Secretary – 1 year term

To coordinate correspondence for and with the Chapter.

  • Manage members through Wild Apricot including adding new members, removing inactive members, and providing reminders for membership renewals.
  • Manage events through Wild Apricot including creating events two weeks in advance of the events, and sending reminders.
  • Update the Chapter, as necessary, of local events and provide additional information on Wild Apricot.
  • Maintains permanent Chapter files, including permanent minutes and correspondence for at least two successive Chapter years – electronic documents saved to Google Drive.
  • Maintains Chapter membership records – At least annually submit a Chapter membership roster to SFPE International.
  • Check SFPE Gmail account regularly (minimum once a week).

Immediate Past President – 1 year term

  • File the Chapter application for recognition with SFPE International.
  • Coordinate applications for honors with President.
  • Coordinate fellowship applications.

Director (4) – Each serving a 2-year term

To provide assistance where able and provide input for Chapter events.

  • Reports to Vice President, Treasurer, and/or Secretary on task specific items.

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